Modern buildings require modern solutions, and bullet cameras are a great way of implementing security into your building with efficiency and convenience. But what is there to know about bullet cameras? How do they work, what do they look like and what features do they offer? 

Here at Smart Vision Plus, we’d like to talk about these cameras in detail so you can make an informed decision on whether or not bullet security cameras are right for your commercial security solutions. 

What Is It? 

In terms of looks, a bullet camera closely resembles a bullet (hence the name), or something like a lipstick tube. This camera can be mounted to a number of different services (including a wall, a pole or a ceiling) and can be customized with infrared LEDs to work better at night. When it comes to some of the most popular security camera devices on the market, bullet cameras are one of the few who take the cake. This is by no surprise, either, as over the years these cameras have developed greatly to be the amazing pieces of technology they are today.  

How Can They Be Used? 

The great thing about bullet cameras is that they can be used in a number of different ways. If you’re looking to capture a small, more narrow space in detail, a bullet camera can do so. If you’re looking to capture a more wide, open space with lots of range, a bullet camera can also perform this as well. Bullet cameras are often used in outdoor settings, and are commonly found in areas where warehouses & commercial buildings exist. They are also well utilized in areas such as parking lots, airports, car intersections and more. 

The Advantages 

There are a bunch of different benefits that you receive when deciding to install bullet cameras onto your property. Some of the many pros include:

  • Simple Installation: Since, as we previously mentioned, bullet cameras can be mounted practically anywhere, they are quite easy to install with the right professional help. In addition, repositioning a camera of this caliber is quite simple as well. 
  • Weatherproof: One of the main reasons why these cameras are so popular outdoors is because they can be installed with waterproof coverings for a safe, secure device regardless of the inclement weather. 
  • Larger Lenses: While other cameras do not have this capability, bullet cameras can be installed with a large variety of different lenses, all varying in their benefits to your security. This makes these cameras perfect for a wide number of different situations. 

The Drawbacks 

While only having a few, bullet cameras do have some drawbacks as well, depending on your situation. These include: 

  • A Lack of Aesthetics: While some people don’t care about the look of their security cameras for their professional building, many others do. To certain people, making sure there is a certain level of professionalism includes making sure everything looks its best, and to some bullet cameras do not fit that bill.  
  • Susceptible to Vandalism: Since bullet cameras often grab the attention of anyone passing by due to their structure, this can either be a deterrent (which is generally what you want) or a way for somebody to come along and vandalize it. If placed in a certain way, they can also become nests to birds as well

If one is able to overlook the drawbacks of buying a bullet security camera, they are considered some of the greatest, most effective security devices on the market currently. 

How We Can Help 

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