Security alarm systems are one of the main components that keep homes safe, and businesses secure. Not only do they work as a crime deterrent, but they also alert the proper authorities in times of distress. Alarms systems can be set up to alert the fire department if smoke is detected, or even property owners if they are not on-site during an active alarm. Many systems are fully capable of monitoring the premises for fire, water leaks, and other issues that may lead to costly property damage.


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Professional Alarm Systems From Smart Vision Plus

Smart Vision Plus offers a diverse range of residential and commercial alarms from many of the top brands in the country. You can choose from wireless or wired alarms to custom made systems that meet your unique needs. For commercial locations, we offer various levels of professional security systems to keep your business safe during and after work hours. In addition to alarms, however, signage, window hardware, strong doors and access controlled by cameras are also important factors to consider.

Wired & Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarm SystemThe two main types of security systems are wired and wireless. While some wiring is required for certain parts of the system, other parts can operate without wires. These are mainly for certain detectors and sensors that are connected to the alarm system as a whole.

Wired components are much more affordable and never need to have their batteries changed. If you are renovating or doing construction on your location, it is easy to install wired sensors at the same time. These are mainly components such as glass breakers, window and door sensors, motion detectors, and even smoke alarms and sirens.

Wireless components have the drawback of needing fresh batteries periodically, but they are much easier to place in finished locations. They are also easy to install and take much less time to calibrate than older style components. They are a bit more on the expensive side, but they are equally as effective.

Professional Monitoring or Self Monitoring

Notifications are a big part of an alarm systems’ effectiveness. When one is triggered, who it notifies is critical. Self-monitoring systems will notify you, a neighbor, or even a friend. They can be set up to place an automated phone call, send a text message, or even trigger a push notification on your phone. Professional monitoring will contact the police or fire department and dispatch them to the location without your input. This option will not only keep your property safe when you are not around, but you will also get a discount on your insurance.

High-Quality Alarms & Monitoring With SVP

Smart Vision Plus offers high-quality alarm systems and top-rated monitoring services in the Greater Toronto Area. No matter what your security needs may be, we have a solution. We can monitor your existing system or we can install a brand new setup to meet your needs. The safety of your home or business is our top concern and we are dedicated to being your premier security partner.