The more security technology begins to advance, the more options become available. With all of these new cameras, CCTVs, video doorbells and more, it is becoming all the more difficult to choose the right products that suit your home’s needs. Luckily, we here at Smart Vision Plus want to help you make the decision that’s right for your and your security needs. The best way to start this process is by looking at what not to do so you can instead do what is right. To learn about the common mistakes people make when choosing security systems, check out our advice below.

Not Checking A Cameras Coverage 

By coverage, we do not mean a camera’s warranty (although that is always an important aspect when choosing security systems). In this situation, we are talking about how much area a security camera will cover. In certain rooms, cameras will create blindspots, making it easy for potential burglars to avoid a camera’s sight. In addition, certain areas of the home will not be able to carry wires, meaning your choices for camera positions are limited. Always check the range of coverage when it comes to a security product to ensure that it can cover all of the necessary areas of your home. This can be done best with a highly professional security team by your side, such as the one here at Smart Vision Plus.

Not Looking into Customer Support

As we briefly mentioned in the previous point, having a team by your side during your camera installation is crucial to ensure they are installed properly. This is even more so after the installation has been completed. If your camera or system runs into any issue down the road or soon after it is installed, you want to be certain you have an after-sales support team to help with any problems you come across. Without this help, technical issues can be extremely complicated to solve on your own, and in some cases may become worse if attempted to repair without experience or left alone. 

Not Factoring In The Cost 

Security cameras & systems may initially seem affordable, but become more expensive depending on how large your home is, how far the cameras need to extend, etc. It is important to ask questions before considering this investment, such as: 


  • Will you need additional electrical supplies?
  • Will you have to hire an electrical service to provide you with ample wire coverage?
  • How many rooms do you desire to be monitored?
  • Are you looking for additional features such as smart home upgrades, alarm systems, security video playback, etc?


Once you have factored in the cost you can begin to add up the prices of the cameras, systems, installation services, etc. to ensure that it falls within your budget. Most times a professional security company will provide you with a quote so you can get a better idea as to how much it costs and whether or not you’ll be able to afford it.

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