Construction sites, especially ones that are large in terms of project scale, deserve and usually need security systems to be safe. Cameras are most often the best way to maintain this security. 

Back in the old days of video monitoring systems, quality was much poorer and cameras were unable to capture a large amount of area on video. Times have changed since then, however, and now it has never been easier to find high quality security cameras for your property; both for indoor & outdoor use. 

One would assume that with all of this new tech, the issues with construction security would vanish. Even now, though, people are making mistakes and messing with the effectiveness of their security systems. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you keep your site safer in the long run, so to learn about what these issues are check out the info Smart Vision Plus has come up with below. 

A Non-Secure or Inconsistent Power Supply 

Having power on a construction site can already be a challenge in and of itself, but maintaining that consistent frequency of power is integral for your security systems to work effectively. To ensure that this power remains consistent while still installing them effectively, we have a few recommendations: 

  • Mount the camera(s) to a trailer: While this is usually great for maintaining a consistent power supply, it’s important to note that this option doesn’t offer your camera with that much coverage of the site, as it will be lower to the ground and obstructed by part of the trailer. 
  • Temp poles: These are a great method to installing your cameras as they can be placed around every area of the site. The only disadvantage, however, is that if construction workers use the same outlets that these poles do, it can trip the breaker and cut the camera’s power. They can also be unplugged on accident if not installed at the top of the pole. So long as you keep these considerations in mind, this is great for coverage and maintaining power. 
  • When all else fails, use the four corner method: Some sites just don’t have the luxury to be near temp poles or streetlights where cameras can easily be mounted. If this is the case, so long as you install cameras in each corner of the site, your area should have 100% monitored coverage. 

A Lack of Proper Lighting 

When looking at past records and statistics of previous theft crimes, it is clear that these crimes are less common in more visible areas. The amount of light a property has can be the difference between a property that’s avoided by burglars and a property that entices criminals. In order to ensure that you deter potential trespassers and criminals, make sure you always have good lighting on your site day and night. Cameras can only detect so far at night, and people use this to their advantage when trying to get on certain properties. Lighting doesn’t just come as a benefit to deterring criminals, however— good lighting also increases people’s safety as well. Spatial awareness is key on any construction site, and this is especially so when the night begins to creep in. 

Camera Coverage & Not Doing Enough Research 

One of the biggest mistakes people will make when trying to secure their construction site will be improper camera coverage due to a lack of research. If you are planning to set your cameras high up on a property, it is crucial that you ensure the capture quality of the camera can see that far out. While a 3MP (megapixel) camera can easily watch a car move in and out of a property, it will almost never be able to properly identify things like a person’s face or a car’s license plate. In many situations, these video captures are needed in order to catch/identify a culprit.  

Before purchasing cameras, do your research and look into the cameras’ quality. Ensure that the product will be able to capture what you want to capture, and look into potentially adding on other features (such as night vision, movement detection etc.) depending on what you consider important. While cutting costs on this kind of thing can seem smart in the long run, it can actually just make the use of security completely pointless. Always do ample research on security products beforehand. 

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