Do you own an income property and are looking to install the right security systems for it? Unsure which ones to choose and where to install them? 

No need to worry about these concerns any longer, because our team here at Smart Vision Plus wants to help provide you with the right advice so you can make an informed, budget-conscious decision for your property.  

Different Types of Alarm Systems 

When it comes to choosing the right type of security, there is quite the variety to choose from so you can choose the one that suits your property best. A few of these options include: 

  • Self-Installed, Self-Monitored System: While this method is the most affordable, it relies on you being responsible for all of the installation work and responding to any alarms. This is best suited for those who are experienced in this type of installation already and want to save some money. 
  • Self-Installed, Professionally Monitored Alarm: This is sort of the option in the middle. The setup for this option can be quite simple if you choose a house alarm with wireless installation, meaning you save on any and all installation fees. The only expense you’ll be paying for in this option is the monthly monitoring fee 
  • Professionally installed and monitored: This option is definitely the most costly out of the two previously mentioned above, but you can sit back and relax knowing that everything is being taken care of by the pros and that your home is as safe as possible.  

Types of Security Equipment 

Another thing to consider when choosing your security is the type of equipment you’ll purchase. There are a wide range of different products to choose from, all with their own features. Some of these products include: 

  • Smart Locks: Smart locks save a lot of time and hassle because you avoid having to provide your tenants with keys (or change anyone’s locks). If you have a frequent tenant turnaround, this is a great option. 
  • Video Doorbells: When you aren’t interested in installing security cameras to your property, whether that’s due to the amount of work or the money spent on it, video doorbells are always a great alternative. When you have a tenant who consistently receives deliveries, this is an even greater option. 
  • Home Security Cameras: Cameras are a good way to monitor every part of your home. These are most commonly placed on the outdoor exits of one’s home. While alarm companies offer indoor cameras, those products are only for those who own businesses/property for their own use. Rental properties cannot have indoor cameras. 
  • Smart Thermostat: This equipment isn’t anywhere near a requirement, but is always a nice addition to a rental property. This feature can be used to control how high or low a tenant can set the temperature, as well as help you track energy usage, give you more control over your property, etc.  

Let Our Security Company Help 

For years, our team here at Smart Vision Plus have provided clients with the best, most affordable security services in the GTA. With a wide variety of different products and quality installation services, you can be certain that your devices are not just great in quality by themselves, but also placed and installed perfectly to keep your home safe. To learn more about our alarm systems in Toronto, be sure to call us at 1-833-880-4591 today!