Warehouse security issues are more common than you think. This is because of a number of reasons, one of the main reasons being that it’s harder to keep track of an area that’s so large. Another being that warehouses can have a bunch of different entrances, meaning more opportunity and vantage points for those who are looking to break in.

 Regardless of the reasoning, you can help minimize all of these security threats with a well known, simple solution— technology. To learn about how security cameras and alarm systems can keep your warehouse safe, check out our information we provide at Smart Vision Plus below. 

Cargo Theft: The Facts 

Did you know that every year, cargo theft costs Canadians over five billion dollars? 

This is a lot of money, so much so that it may be a surprising statistic. This wasn’t always the case, but from 2019 to 2020, warehouse break-ins increased by 15%. It is easy to have someone tell you that these things happen, but when the facts are there to support said claim, it becomes a lot more real. Even so, our team wants to talk about the ways that your warehouse can avoid being a part of this statistic. 

Security Cameras Combined With VMS 

Security cameras are one of the greatest ways to maintain security in your warehouse. In order to be certain that your warehouse stays secure, however, combining security cameras with a VMS is crucial. Unfortunately security cameras can only do so much to keep your warehouse safe. VMS adds that extra layer of protection your warehouse truly deserves. 


While security cameras do the simple things such as record, monitor and deter potential burglars, VMS systems work alongside security cameras and provide you with real-time alerts when any unusual activity takes place. This gives you the guarantee that if you see anything out of the ordinary, you can contact the correct services to catch the criminal in action.  

Add-Ons: Live Monitoring & License Plate Capture 

Adding live video monitoring and license plate capture into your cameras/VMS system also helps to significantly increase the amount of protection in your warehouse as well. This is because there are a number of factors to a break-in that need to be properly monitored. When you install a live monitoring station, a person or the security system can spot a threat via the security cameras and a siren or strobe can be triggered to signal a warning. If a burglar at any point leaves their car near the warehouse, a license plate capture system on a security camera can identify the thief and hold them responsible for their crimes. 

How Our Security Company Can Help 

If all of these security features sound like the right thing for your warehouse and you’re now in need of quality security products & installation services, you’re in luck because our team here at Smart Vision Plus has got you covered. For years, our team has worked day in and day out to provide our clients with the best security possible, whether it’s for residential needs, commercial needs, industrial needs or more. To learn about our security systems in Toronto and how they can benefit your place’s security, be sure to call us at 1-833-880-4591 today!