Owning security cameras and using them to keep your property safe is a really great thing to do. Even so, the effectiveness of these cameras will almost entirely depend on how old they are and (consequently) what condition they are in. If a camera has spent too long collecting dust and declining functionality-wise, it will likely become ineffective and practically unusable down the road. Here at Smart Vision Plus, we want to go into detail about the issues that will likely arise when you refuse to upgrade your cameras when needed.

1. Water Damage

If you ask anyone in the tech world, they will say water damage is one of the easiest ways to completely ruin a device. Unfortunately, most older security devices were never properly equipped with protection from water damage, so this issue becomes quite common amongst devices without it. When it comes to cameras that are installed outdoors, water from the rain, snow, fog and hail are all at risk of damaging this type of device. When you get an upgrade to a camera with water protection, however, inclement weather will almost never have an effect on this device.

2. Camera Footage Will Likely Be of Lower Quality

High quality from newer cameras is truly unbeatable in comparison to older devices. In general, the higher quality a camera is, the more likely you are able to identify faces and situations in security footage. This makes it easier to deal with situations involving evidence analysis and such. Also, if you have a lower quality camera, chances are the footage captured in low lighting situations will be even worse.

3. Storage Will Likely Be Limited

As a system gets older, its storage capacity begins to become more and more limited. In simplest terms, this will mean that a lot of old footage that you may have wanted to keep will get lost and overwritten with time. Alternatively, purchasing a newer security camera + system will provide you with more storage, giving you the ability to save any and all clips you need.

4. Important Features May Be Compromised (Or Not Present Altogether)

With the advancements in recent security technology, it has never been easier to find a device that suits your needs. Nowadays, most cameras will come with features such as wide-angle viewing, night vision, motion detection, zooming capabilities and more. All of these features work to get you a better view on the security cameras sightings, and helps you operate a more functional, quality security system.

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