As technology becomes more and more advanced, chances for hackers to take advantage of this upgrade in technology becomes more and more common. You’ve likely seen it with large data breaches in social media platforms, password leaks involving millions of people — this news is becoming widespread info and it’s important you stay safe.

Did you know that more than just your computer and phone can be hacked, however? It is an unfortunate truth, but security camera products can in fact be hacked as well. Using a camera’s unsecured IP address, one can have their feed monitored or messed with by complete strangers. If you’re looking to know more/prevent this terrible occurrence from happening, we here at Smart Vision Plus have come up with some information all about this type of security breach.

How Do My Cameras Get Hacked?

The sad truth is that hacking an unsecured IP camera is incredibly easy. With a few simple clicks, a smart hacker can scan through a large number of different common passwords and crack the code to your unsecured device. The best way to avoid this type of hack is by making sure that you change the default username and password that your security camera comes with into something more protective. 

Choose the Right Camera Manufacturer

If a camera manufacturer does not care about the quality and integrity of a product, chances are they will spend a lot less time on making their device safer & more secure. Making internet accessible security cameras is cheap, so companies who are trying to make an extra buck will often choose this method and sacrifice your safety in the end. 

Other companies, however, will ensure only the most protective security possible. Look for features such as advanced encryption when you’re trying to purchase a camera, as this security measure ensures that the chances of your camera being hacked are much lower.

Update Your Firmware

The large majority of security products you decide to look at/buy will come with firmware to ensure additional security. Even so, this firmware is only truly effective when it is updated every time it needs to be. Oftentimes, you can get email reminders about new firmware updates so you’re all caught up in case a bug in the system needs to be fixed or a loophole in the firmware can be properly solved. In addition, there is likely a page on your camera manufacturers website where you can find any and all of the update information you need.

Let Our Company Help

For years, our team at Smart Vision Plus has worked incredibly hard to provide our customers with quality products & installation services. No matter the situation, type of place or size, chances are we have a solution for your needs. To learn more about our residential security services in Toronto, be sure to call us at 1-833-880-4591 today!