While residential security is incredibly important, in many situations commercial security is considered even more important. After all, without it, a business can fail and lose almost all of its value in just one night. With all of the valuables that are held inside of a business, it’s vital you get the right systems to protect it. This also works to keep your employees and guests safe during their visits.

Installing commercial security isn’t a one-and-done, easy to complete project, however. When it comes to making sure this type of installation is perfect, it’s recommended that you get as much information as possible on how to do so first. Here at Smart Vision Plus, we want to provide our readers with some things to consider before installing this type of security into your business.

How Do You Want To View Your Footage?

Making sure you figure out how you want to view your security footage is important before buying any products or installing anything. This way, you can be informed on all the types of technology that are offered to business and homeowners nowadays. 

While older systems will often provide you with video feed via a monitor inside of your store, over the years, security systems have become more advanced and accessing your footage has never been easier. With the help of technological advancements, you can now monitor your security footage through your phone, laptop, tablet and more! These security features also enable you to watch them from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you full control and monitoring power over your store. If you feel as though you don’t need this feature, however, you can stick to other systems that are more old fashioned. Just be sure that you’re recording any of the footage you are not able to view in real-time, as crimes commonly happen when you are away from your store and it is closed.

Where Will This Footage Be Stored?

Viewing your footage is important, but making sure it is properly secured in a place where you can watch it later is integral too. While some companies will do everything to ensure that your video footage is stored safely, other companies will place your footage into a “cloud”, limiting the amount of videos you can store there. This, in turn, makes it difficult to obtain all the right footage you need in case a major security breach takes place.

When you’re struggling to determine whether or not you have the right storage services for your security footage, always be sure that there is enough online storage space. Once you’ve confirmed that you have more than enough storage space, you can relax knowing that your footage will be recorded regardless of how long the span of time is.


What Do You Want The Quality To Be Like?

Quality is an extremely important feature of every security system. Oftentimes, the quality of your security makes or breaks the system as a whole, as the quality of your video helps to determine the faces and profiles of criminals who wrongfully enter your building/commercial space. If the video quality is too low, faces can become unidentifiable and criminal activity can be harder to pinpoint if police services end up becoming involved.

Some of the most common video quality parameters are as follows:

  • 2MP (1080p)
  • 4MP (1440p)
  • 5MP (1920p)
  • 8MP (also known as 4K/2160p)

Once you have made sure that you’ve chosen a good quality video product, it’s important to note that video quality is also impacted by how the videos are being compressed. Video compression is just as important, so making sure you’re working with the right security company can ensure that this type of service is provided to you in the best way possible.

How Our Team Can Help

Are you in need of reliable, high quality security services to ensure your business is properly protected? Regardless of whether your business is big, small, or somewhere in the middle, we here at Smart Vision Plus have the devices for you. With a wide range of reputable security products, we offer you the tools needed to amp up your security with ease. Combine our products with our installation services and you’ve got some of the most experienced professionals making your security as effective and convenient as possible. To find out more about our commercial security services in Toronto, be sure to call our team at 1-833-880-4591 today!