When you are looking to make your home more secure with cameras, there are a variety of types to choose from and each have their own special features and purposes. Here at Smart Vision Plus, we want to go into detail about a few of the main types so you can better determine which security camera is best for your situation.  

The Big Three 

When it comes to the most popular security cameras, there are three main devices that are found through most people’s homes, businesses and warehouses. We will talk about the main three below. 

Dome Cameras 

Dome security cameras are most commonly found in businesses and residential buildings, and are considered the more aesthetically pleasing camera amongst the main three. Dome security cameras often look a lot nicer than box security cameras, and they also come in weatherproof/vandal proof casings. The outer layer that provides protection from damage can be bought in either plastic or glass depending on the camera you purchase. While plastic costs less, glass is generally recommended if you’re placing these devices outdoors.  

Dome cameras also come built with a bunch of different options in terms of lenses. Some of these lenses include fixed lenses, motorized varifocal lenses and variable lenses. While fixed lenses are more common and less pricey, varifocal lenses zoom in and out but cost more money.  

Box Cameras 

It can be pretty easy to imagine what these devices look like based on their name alone. Box cameras, like their title, are box shaped devices with security camera lenses on them. Just like dome cameras, they also include weatherproof housing, making them perfect for outdoor use. While these devices can be used for indoor use, this is much less common as they aren’t nearly as aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for something with greater image quality, however, box cameras are likely the perfect device for you. 

Since the quality is better, these cameras tend to be more pricey than dome cameras. They also come equipped with an interchangeable lens feature, and are great devices for when you need to zoom in real close and get a sharp image of someone or something. When you’re looking to focus on quality more than aesthetics, chances are these cameras are the right pick. 

Bullet Cameras 

Bullet cameras are designed in a really neat way, as they protrude outward almost like a gun barrel. This makes the device less discreet, so if you’re looking for something that will be less noticeable we advise purchasing a dome camera. The great news about this device and why it’s worth it? Bullet security cameras can install in a very quick and easy way, and also rotate in whatever viewing direction you prefer. 

Since these cameras are better at capturing scenes from a distance, if you want to be sure that this device covers as much space as possible, mounting them up high is recommended. These cameras are usually recommended for larger commercial spaces and warehouse areas where more ground needs to be monitored.  

How Our Team Can Help 

Here at Smart Vision Plus, we provide you with important information on security devices because we care. When push comes to shove our team wants what’s best for our clients, and that ultimately means providing them with the best protection for their business, home or otherwise. To learn about how to buy a security camera in Toronto from our shop, and better yet, how our highly experienced team can install your device for you, be sure to call us at 1-833-880-4591 today!