When you think about installing security systems into your home, a lot of people think about families with young children. Why are seniors overlooked in that picture, however? 

After all, every person deserves safety and security— especially those who are in a more vulnerable state of life. Since there’s a sense of fragility around senior citizens’ health, it is extremely important that they stay safe from any sort of danger and implementing security measures is the best way to do so. 

Here at Smart Vision Plus, we would like to talk about how security is beneficial to seniors and why it should be installed for this age group. 

Prevention of Crime 

This may be an obvious one, but it is definitely one of the most (if not most) important reasons why seniors should invest in security. In many cases, it does not matter how old you are, where you live, etc — criminals will find a way into whatever property they want. Matter of fact, in a lot of cases, seniors are seen as the perfect targets for robberies as they are less physically capable to deter intruders and often hold items of immense value (vintage or otherwise). Even just the simple installation of one security system will help deter thieves from entering your property so your home won’t be considered an easy target anymore. 

Monitoring for Safety 

One other big advantage of security systems for seniors is the monitoring capabilities. Did you know that a fall or stroke can happen at any time while inside the home, leaving the person in question unable to call for assistance. Matter of fact, falling is the main cause of hospitalizations among seniors who are 65 years or older.  

When you install monitoring features into your home, your family/friends can keep an eye on your physical health and make sure no emergencies like this happen without their knowledge. Medical pendants and fall detectors are also things that are currently available, and can be used to notify emergency services when needed.  

Home Automation 

Another great advantage that security can provide seniors is the feature of home automation. Accessibility is an extremely important factor in making a seniors life that much more comfortable, and automating your home can offer your place that accessibility seniors need. From smart locks that unlock your home with a passcode on your phone, to having lights turn on when you enter a room, you provide yourself with convenience and (most importantly) safety.  

Other home automation features can open the garage automatically and turn lights off when you leave a home. This can limit the amount of strenuous mobility on a seniors body so they can worry about other important factors in their life. 

Hire Our Security Experts Today 

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