IP vs. Analog Security Cameras: What’s The Difference?

So, you’ve finally decided that you want to install security camera(s) into your home, business, warehouse or otherwise. This decision is simple on the surface, but once you begin to look into cameras and their differences, it can become quite difficult. The good news is our team here at Smart Vision Plus wants to help with this process and provide information on the difference between IP and analog security cameras.  

Why You Should Hire A Professional Security Installation Company

When you need to add extra security systems to your home, it is highly recommended that you always hire professionals to do the job. Although this job can be done by oneself, only the most experienced technicians can ensure that your security cameras are installed properly and securely. They also make sure to install your equipment as best as possible to maximize efficiency, meaning that you can make the best out of your security devices to keep everyone and everything protected. To learn more about why you should always hire the pros, check out the information we here at Smart Vision Plus have offered below. 

Things To Do That Improve Security in Your Home

Most people can agree that Canada is an amazing place to call home. Even though this country is considered quite safe in comparison to others around the world, it is not devoid of any and all risk, however. This is especially true to homes that reside within and around the Greater Toronto Area, as well as other highly populated cities in Canada. 

Dome Security Camera: What Is It?

Whether it comes to residential, commercial, industrial or otherwise, security cameras are an integral part of keeping a place safe and protected. Because of how versatile this field really is, it can be quite confusing coming to a decision about what products you should buy and how to use them. 

How Tech Can Fix Warehouse Security Problems

Warehouse security issues are more common than you think. This is because of a number of reasons, one of the main reasons being that it’s harder to keep track of an area that’s so large. Another being that warehouses can have a bunch of different entrances, meaning more opportunity and vantage points for those who are looking to break in.

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